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Back in Mussomeli

Apologies for the radio silence. It has been quite a hectic month as I flew back to London to finalise the sale of my flat. It felt quite emotional when I closed the door after 15 years, so many wonderful memories for me in that home.

I am very happy and settled here in Mussomeli and the selling of my flat confirmed to me that this is now my home. I have been back for a few weeks and staying in the most wonderful B&B called Padalino. It is on the outskirts of the town and it is run by the most wonderful family. Rita and Salvatore have welcomed me with open arms and every morning Rita prepares the most delicious breakfast.

My favourite so far has been the Caponata that Rita made. It is by far the best Caponata that I have ever had. Every morning after breakfast I take a walk in the garden. Rita and Salvatore grow many vegetables and fruit and I love how most of the produce that they eat is right at their doorstep.

The landscape surrounding Mussomeli has changed dramatically since I was away. It is incredibly dry and still so beautiful. I should be moving into my own home by the end of July and stay tune as I have some exciting news as well about my plans to launch the Community Kitchen. I am so happy to be back here in Mussomeli. This town is magical.


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