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Beautiful Objects in the One Euro House

There are so many beautiful objects in the One Euro House that I am renovating here in Sicily. When I first viewed the house everything was in it's place as it would have been 15 years ago when the family left. I remember that it was a strange feeling when we opened the door as I kept on thinking that I would be greeted by one of the family members. I have been preparing the house for the renovation and saving many of the objects in the house as I can. To me this is a way of paying homage to the family that was there and honouring the memory of them.

I often visit the house and spend the day arranging the objects in a lovely spot in the house that has allot of light streaming through the window. When the renovation is complete I will get these photos enlarged and framed and hung on the walls of the house. My favourite thing that I had found are the two bags that I found in the kitchen. I use the bags to go shopping at the market and also when I go to collect my water every week. Every time that I have the bags full someone will stop me and comment on the bag with a smile on their face. I love these moments as it obvious that the bag brings back lovely memories for the person. A few of my friends here have said that the bags would have been used to either spread seeds in the fields or for the farmers to put their lunch in them when they went out to work each day.

I don't have much in terms of material possessions since I left London and these bags have now become my prized possessions.


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