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Good News!

Hello everyone, hope all is well. I have some exciting news to share with you. The Good Kitchen is moving into a new space that is twice the size of the current location. The move is going to be stress free as well as the new space is right next door! We have definitely outgrown the current space and as I started to look around Mussomeli it was a priority for me that we remain here in Piazza Umberto. This is the main square of the town and it has been brilliant to be located here as it has meant that the people of Mussomeli have been able to learn about the kitchen and the services that we provide.

We will be in the new space by the end of June. This is an important date for us as well as we launched The Good Kitchen on the 31st of June. I am currently working on a report that captures everything that we have achieved over the year. When I launched the kitchen I never would have imagined what we have been able to achieve. Not only are we cooking meals for vulnerable people of the town, we are also providing a social hub for many people, young and old. Looking forward to sharing more details about the new space as we move closer to the date and thank you as ever for your support.


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