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My New Home in Mussomeli

Hello my friends. Excited to be sharing some pictures for you of the house that I have bought in Mussomeli. This is not a #OneEuroHouse - it cost 8,000 euros and it is perfect for me and ready to move into once I finalise the sale of my flat here in London. It is one bedroom with a garage that opens up onto the street.

The house is at the end of a cul de sac and I will be able to create a little garden outside the garage at the base of the stairs that you walk up to get to the next street. I have already met the neighbours who are so kind and friendly. The house is in a great condition with a bathroom off from the bedroom and a separate toilet upstairs which is great for when I have friends staying.

Thank you so much to Valeria, Natthi & Cinzia at the estate agents Immobliere Siciliano for making it so easy for me to buy the house. I am so looking forward to heading back to Mussomeli soon and settling into my new home.


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