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Smashed my Crowdfunding target!

Thank you to everyone who has supported me with the Crowdfunder to raise money to launch the Community Kitchen and young chef training program here in Mussomeli. The fundraiser ran for a month and I am so excited to let you know that we raised £24,332 for the project. The target was £15,000 and I was so humbled by everyone's generosity. There were times during the fundraiser when I thought that I would be lucky to raise £10,000. During those moments I would share another inspiring story about this beautiful town and how kind the people are here and as if like magic the donations would start coming in again.

Before I launched the Crowdfunder I decided to work with a local artist to paint a "Gratitude Wall" in the house. On that wall will be everyone's name who made a donation. I shared this across my social media channels and I was so moved as I then started to receive donations from people from across the world nominating for someone's name to be included on the wall. I made sure that everyone knew that there was no minimum amount that they needed to donate for a name to appear on the wall. Some of the messages and comments that I received from people, especially those who were nominating loved ones who had passed away was incredibly moving. The messages of support that I received for my project over the last month really did carry me through those low moments when I was feeling like I may not reach my target with the fundraising.

This is a photo of me putting my feet up last week and the truth is that I have not stopped as now that I have raised the money I am busy planning the renovation and launch of the Community Kitchen. This Friday I am meeting with Nicola the architect who I am working with on the project and Roberto who is the builder. If all goes to plan it will take 2 months to renovate and I will launch the Community Kitchen in June. I am so excited that my dream is finally becoming a reality and thank you to you all once again for your support. More from me soon as the project progresses. Ciao from this beautiful town, Mussomeli.


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