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The Good Kitchen News

Hello everyone. Just a short note to share some of exciting news stories about The Good Kitchen. I am so happy that this story is resonating with people around the world. It gives me a great deal of satisfaction knowing this. Thank you as ever for your support.

I filmed a short piece for SBS in Australia. This was for Dateline SBS and if you are outside Australia you can view the programme below. I loved filming with the team from Australia, they captured the essence of this town and The Good Kitchen.

A few weeks ago I also got to practice my Italian as I was asked to do an interview for one of the TV stations here in Italy. I often am very hard on myself as I think that my Italian should be far better than it is. I watched this news story and thought to myself that I have actually come a long way with my Italian considering I could only say "Ciao" when I arrived.


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