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The Good Kitchen Turns One!

Hello everyone. Apologies that I have not been updating you all, it has been a particularly busy time as we are moving the current kitchen to a space right next door here in the town square. I am very excited about the new space as it is twice the size of our current kitchen. This means that we can offer more cooking classes and events for children and also we can invite more people to our special lunches that we sometimes hold.

Last month some lovely friends of mine from Tuscany came and ran a textiles workshop here in the kitchen. Many people from the town donated material to make a wall hanging and we invited around 50 children to come and participate in the workshop. The children drew pictures of their favourite food and then my friends turned this into a wall hanging for the new space. We also invited some of the Nonnas from the town to help with the sewing. The wall hanging has been installed in the kitchen and it is so beautiful.

At the end of July we turned one and I am currently writing a report that outlines everything that we have achieved over the year. The report will also outline all of the plans for the next 5 years. I will share the report with you all once it is completed and in the meantime here is a snapshot of what we have achieved - 1897 meals delivered / 136 food parcels delivered (average food parcel feeds 5 people) / 259 meals cooked and served to families who were isolating with the second wave of Covid / 10 events with children from the town (over 150 children have attended) / Weekly meal delivery to 15 priests from the San Franciscan church here in Mussomeli / the priests also delver food parcels every week from the kitchen to at least 30 refugees and immigrants who are in Caltanisetta.

Thank you everyone for your support, I am looking forward to sharing more good news with you all in the future.


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