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Timing is everything in life...

Earlier this year I visited Uluru and the surrounding area back in my home country of Australia. I am 56 and this was my first time visiting that extraordinary place. The short holiday had a profound affect on me and I have memories from that trip that will last a lifetime. I left Australia 24 years ago and as I walked around the base of Uluru one morning at sunrise, I thought to myself why had I left it so long to visit that magical place? I guess looking back now the answer does not really matter as it felt like the time was right for my first visit.

I was back home in Australia visiting with family and friends having just left a job that I loved and a great life that I had made for myself in London. I remember actually feeling on top of the world when this photo was taken as I was on my way to Sicily to start a new life and renovate a house that I bought for one euro. Like most of us, I never would have imagined that only a month after this photo was taken my Italian dream would remain a dream and my plans would be put on hold due to the Covid-19 pandemic. That was then and this is now and in two weeks time I will finally be living in Sicily.

I have always thought about starting a blog and somehow I just never got around to creating one. Much like the timing of my trip to Uluru, in many ways it feels to me that this is the very moment to be launching my blog and I hope you enjoy taking some time to travel life's path with me.....


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