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The Good Kitchen Book

Earlier this year I ventured back home to Australia to finish writing a book that is all about the journey I took leaving London and setting up The Good Kitchen in Sicily. I am super proud to let you all know that we are in the final stages of editing and the book will be published in Aus and the UK in July this year. I am donating all of my royalties from the sale of each book back to The Good Kitchen which is a registered Italian charity. I poured my heart and soul into the book and I hope that my words can do justice to the incredible people of Mussomeli and to everyone who is a part of The Good Kitchen family. There are some recipes in the book from the kitchen focussing on using all parts of vegetables and also a chapter on how to set up your own community kitchen. My heartfelt thanks to the super talented team at Melbourne Books. They have been brilliant from day one and the whole process of getting the book completed has been very collaborative and a lot of fun as well. To all my Aussie friends, I will be signing all of the books that are pre ordered, feel free to send the team at Melbourne Books any dedications or messages that you would like me to write. Link here to pre order -

Thank you everyone for your support of my journey, what an adventure it has been setting up The Good Kitchen.


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